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    A few suggestions


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    A few suggestions Empty A few suggestions

    Post by thundercraker on Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:14 am

    1) There are just WAY too many catagories in the forum. The main problem with it is that since a few (a lot) of them are bound to be empty or have posts dating from months back the site will look too inactive. Hence new guests will be shooed off.

    2) Sasuke Anbu's hair is cut off.

    2.5) Sasuke looks gay - but thats actually good - cuz he IS gay.

    3) A few of the buttons seem to be Multiquote

    4) Some text in the tabs etc are unreadable due to background color conflicts.

    5) WhyTFH is there NO ROLEPLAY BOARD IN A FAN FORUM!!?!?! >Sad

    Anywys, I'd be more than glad to provide you ppl with a forum layout. Anyways I want to see how far this site goes.

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